Meet Sandy

Sandy has inspired others for over two decades by spreading peace and impactful ideas. Her desire has always been to manifest a better world founded on principles of compassion and well-being.

 As the founder of the popular blog Peaceful Daily, Sandy shared daily ideas for living more intentionally. This eventually led her to contribute to the Healthy Living and Travel sections of The Huffington Post for nearly 10 years. During this time she also authored two best-selling books: Peace Salad and Imagine Prosper.

The future holds many exciting possibilities for Peaceful Daily. Rumors have been circulating that it will become a highly sought-after destination in the virtual world of the Metaverse in 2024. Peaceful Daily is poised to be a vibrant and engaging experience that will thrill and delight users.

In 2020, Sandy was sought out and summoned to join an elite group of global light workers focused on inspiring others through love and light. As a result of her passion for this mission, she developed the Peace Purpose Prosper program to help others fine-tune their life mission and take positive, impactful actions with clarity and mindful mastery. This comprehensive 7-pillar program assists high-profile leaders from around the globe who want to use their energies for the betterment of the world.

Sandy currently resides in the greater New York City area with her husband and two teenage children.