About Sandy

For more than two decades, Sandy has exerted influence on others by advocating for peace and impactful ideas. Her unwavering desire has always been to bring about a better world, founded on the principles of compassion, love and well-being.

In 2009, Sandy founded the blog "Peaceful Daily," where she consistently imparted wisdom on leading a more purposeful life.  Dedicated to nurturing peace, love, and happiness, Peaceful Daily endeavors to cultivate a world that is both peaceful and prosperous, one person at a time.

For nearly ten years, Sandy contributed to The Huffington Post's Healthy Living, Travel, and Entertainment sections. In addition to her work at The Huffington Post, Sandy also authored two books, Peace Salad and Imagine Prosper.  As a result of her contributions and accomplishments, Sandy has become a respected figure in the field of peaceful living.

Sandy currently resides in the Greater New York City area with her family.

If you are interested in collaboration with Sandy please feel free to reach out.